Healed of Migraine

For quite a number of years I suffered from migraines. Most of the time the migraine was caused by the blowing of the wind.
Through the ministry of NCF I learned much about spiritual realities and the way they affect the human spirit, soul and body.
I learned very quickly that the Lord’s will for me was to be healed and number of times I would resist this head ache and would command the spirit causing it to lose and leave me in Jesus name. At times I would get the victory and the pain would go and at time I would be unable to get the victory. And I would get pain relief medicine to ease the pain.
This went on for some three plus years.
Then one night I was again in a terrible pain my wife and I began to pray and to take authority over this spiritual problem and instead of being free the pain grew worse. The pain would travel from the back of my head to the front and my eyeballs felt they would pop out at any moment from the pain.
My wife was concerned so she asked if I would like to go to the hospital. Also in my head the temptation to get tablets to ease the pain was very strong. But as this battle was going on in my head the Lord spoke very clearly to me. He gave me Jeremiah 17v 5. Cursed is the man that trusts in the man and makes flesh his strength and whose heart departs from the Lord.
Then I saw it very clearly that if I was to rely on medicine and the doctors I would always would be under this curse.
So I decided to trust in the Lord and the pain continued all that night and through the day but then it began to ease of as the day was ending. And I knew I had received my healing.
That was the last time I had the migraine, though I was tried twice more with it. But I resisted it in Jesus name and have been free ever since.
There is power in the name of Jesus. Praise His name.
Sam Mazreku