Healed of Stomach Ulcers

I arrived in London to assist Pastor Sam in praying for a young boy who had various needs for prayer.
After praying for the young boy I shared with the pastor of my complaint that I had for some years. I knew that Gods will for me was to be healed and I had prayed for some time yet I felt I needed a little help to break through.
I suffered from stomach ulcers and was taking medication to control the problem.
Pastor began to share with me and explain that the cause of this was a spiritual problem not a natural cause.
He began to lead me in some confession prayers and in about 2 min  of confession he began to command the spirit of infirmity causing ulcers to come out and almost immediately I began to vomit quite violently.
After a few minutes it all ended and I knew I had now been free from this infirmity.
I booked an appointment with the doctor to have myself checked and the doctor confirmed I no longer had ulcers.
I have no longer been in pain I am free. The Lord has set me free.